We also cater for special events, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Family fests, business meetings and more  ….

Pork nuckles , Pork Legs, suckling pig grilled, Sauerbraten and other specialties etc.

  palmhh@aol.com  or send a text message to :Tel. 239 233 7770

                                Catering menu and options

               Send us an email and you will get a full menu of our options


                           Community services

                   Catering in any style and individual taste you want.

               We advise you individually for every event and number of guests.


                          We cater in any form and selection you prefer.

   Would you like traditional kitchen or according to the kind of event something else special.

    From small private events to large community services up to 300 persons are offered.

               Family dinners, parties, weddings, Gala menu, birthdays or just a

                         special theme or event you want to celebrate.

          We cater for birthdays, weddings, company services, seminars etc.

                 We offer some different styles of catering

                                     1. Buffet style catering

                                  2. Octoberfest catering

                                  3. Schnitzel Buffet catering

                                  4. Seafood buffet

                                  5. Wedding catering

                                  6. Mediterranian catering

                                  7. Suckling pig catering

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